Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinner Club at Cafe Nell

NW 20th and Kearney
We were grateful that our once a month Dinner Club friends, The Nasons, happened by this wonderful eatery the previous week during an outing in Northwest Portland. 

A charming restaurant with it's warm fire place and splendid holiday decorations, Cafe Nell was poised to impress. 

First up, cocktails. Would they pass the test of this discerning group of cocktail drinkers. I believe the answer was yes. (I am a wine drinker and yes, the selection was wonderful).

In addition to the distinct glassware, the consensus was that the cherries were the best ever tasted in a Maker's Manhattan and the balance of sweet to sour was just right in the Lemon Drop and other drinks. But the prize goes to the Monkey's Gland for the most uninviting name for a cocktail!

Now the food has a lot to live up to. Was the Chef up to the challenge?

Appetizers consisted of Mussels which attracted um's and ah's from the group (I'm allergic to shellfish so you'll have to take their word on it) and a very fine, not chunky and very tasty Black Bean soup.

The bread was amazing. Crispy crust and soft inside and very rustic in flavor. I am usually not a big fan of filling my tummy on bread before a meal but one taste and I was hooked!

We managed to select a variety of main meals which were all incredible.

Steelhead and Prawns over Risotto
Pan seared Sonoma Liberty Farms Duck Breast, bacon roasted Sauvie Island Brussels sprouts, Pomegranate gastrique (a reduction of wine, sugar and fruit).

Braised SuDan Farms Lamb Shank, RedTruck Farms celeriac prepared two ways, red chili demi glace.

Chipotle and Espresso Braised Cascade Natural Short Ribs topped withjalapeno relish, served over creamy white Bob’s Red Mill grits 

Venison and Prawns
Pumpkin Creme Brulee

So good, you have to see it again!

A pleasant evening altogether!

And of course you can read more reviews at Urbanspoon.
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