Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yum Cha in Portland...

Going for Yum Cha is one of our favorite things to do as a family. The one spot we really like in Portland is Wong's King Seafood Restaurant. Ok, it's not Hong Kong, Sydney or even Vancouver but it's the best we have around here and it's not bad. 

We usually get there around 11am that way we avoid the crowds, (sometimes you can wait an hour or more) and we get the food at its freshest.

Lo Mai Gai
Some  favorites today that all the family enjoyed were: 

Lo Mai Gai - sticky rice and beef wrapped in a Lotus leaf.

Cheong Fun - wide rice noodles wrapped around beef.

Sin Chet Kuen - Bean curd skin rolls wrapped around pork and vegetables.

Egg Tarts
As well as some of the regular items that we like to indulge in:

Har Gau - steamed prawn dumpling

Char Siu Baau - steamed pork buns

Sui Mai - steamed Pork in a wheat wrapper 

And who can resist ending the meal with Egg Tarts....hǎochī 

In all a terrific way to spend a rainy Sunday morning!

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