Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fine Dining at Farm To Fork

Nestled within The Inn at Redhills, the Farm to Fork restaurant is a fine dining delight.  So warm, quiet and inviting, Farm to Fork promotes an evening of leisurely eating and drinking of delicious food and exquisite wine (read more here) which is why I have to say that this is my favorite restaurant at this time. 

For our visit, Chef Shiloh Ficek had devised a menu which featured quality, seasonal ingredients such as hazelnuts, organic arugula, and hericot verts.

I started with the Wild Boar Terrine with dried cherries and hazelnuts which, was incredible whilst my friends enjoyed the Organic Duck Liver Pate. 
Wild Boar Terrine

I almost never order chicken at a restaurant but for some reason it appealed to me this evening and for my instincts I am eternally glad, for it was sumptuous (my friends agreed). I had the Roasted Breast of Draper Valley Farms Hen with potato puree, hazelnuts, arugula and foraged mushrooms. I was kind of excited that my dinner had been partly foraged for. 

A few friends went for the Cascade Culotte Natural Steak which they enjoyed. It was accompanied by rutabaga mash, mustards greens, cauliflower mushrooms and bordelaise (a sauce made with dry red wine, bone marrow, butter, shallots and demi-glace). 

Cascade Culotte Natural Steak
One friend indulged in the Confit Duck Salad with chicory, wine poached figs, roasted grapes, Rogue blue cheese and alliade (A garlic and nut emulsion sauce made with skinned hazelnuts pounded with garlic and egg yolk, to which a mixed nut and olive or sunflower oil is added as for mayonnaise). It looked much better than it sounded and had I seen it, I may have made this my choice instead.

And dessert goes without saying....

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