Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tucci - The Most Stylish Restaurant in Portland!

From the rustic wood flooring to the modern steel cutlery, Tucci is a marvel in modern design and a wonder to behold. Every detail has been attended to and with the large comfy chairs and extensive menu and drinks lists, be prepared to linger and relax.

The perfect dinner companion!
Ah, but what about the food and wine? Overall, the food is very nice and the wine is lovely. I would class it in the nice and reliable category of restaurant. 

Always a favorite, we started with fried Calamari with a Tucci touch - tasty mayonnaise dips. I think I have ordered this at every visit.

I had to get my fill of Salmon before leaving the Northwest. This was a little overcooked and plain for my taste but then there is always dessert...

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