Saturday, October 15, 2011

Best Chinese on Sydney's North Shore

In the 20 years that I've lived in Chatswood (on and off), I have seen the North Shore evolve from a quaint residential suburb to a high density hub of shopping and eating. With the influx of cultures from all over the world, we now also have a surfeit of food choices.

I am excited about working my way through all these eateries but for today, we find ourselves at a small but busy, strikingly clean open kitchen serving a wide range of Chinese dishes.

Chilli Salt and Pepper Squid
Mixed Veg with Tofu

Soya Sauce Chicken with Soft Noodle

BBQ Pork & Soft Noodle

The chicken in each of the dishes was outstandingly tender. The salt and pepper squid came with just the right amount of fire and just the right amount of crispiness without being oily. The dishes were NOT glutinous or floury like some Chinese food can be.

Another surprise was that each dish had a distinctive flavor unlike some places where each dish is a variation on the same flavour theme.

My favourite new flavours came in the Ginger and Shallot side dish that came with the Steamed Chicken. It was fresh and full of zest.

Best of all, the prices were very reasonable. From $9.50 to $17....

As always, check out Urbanspoon for more reviews..

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